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Flexible Packaging & Labeling
Labeling division

Our partnership for the development of important projects with leading beverage companies allowed us to achieve a remarkable expertise concerning the most peculiar technical details. Our quality in printing is a tangible mark of the most valuable made in Italy.

Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

The shrink sleeves are produced with printed plastic tubular film that is to be applied to the container and subjected to heat retraction through a specific retraction tunnel by hot air or steam.

Roll Fed
Roll Fed

These labels are developed on roll. They are suitable for the bulk supplies such as mineral waters or beverage.

Stretch Sleeves
Stretch Sleeves

The labels made in polythene take advantage of the material flexible memory and feature a cold application.

Packaging division

Our products are developed according to the rotogravure technique or to the flexographic printing. The choice is always arranged between our technicians and our customers according to the adaptability of the design and the materials


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