Scent of Iron

Let's start, better, let's start again !!!

2020 gives way to 2021 and, not surprisingly, I want to start from the department that, in almost all industrial companies, has never stopped:

These important collaborators are responsible for maintaining and improving the efficiency of the machines that will produce the company's products throughout the working year and, not surprisingly, during the Christmas holidays, taking advantage of the "holiday" stop, they refurbish all of them ready for the new year, without stumbling at restart time.

Of these people I want to talk about today, often gruff, sometimes blasphemous, you  can see them turning around in the factory while, shaking their heads about everything and everyone. But their great ability and inventiveness in their solutions often surprise the most experienced engineers.

It is precisely of them that I speak, of their continuous presence in Factory, especially when all other workers are on vacation, and of their adversity to holidays, they are often at the top of the list of the most “wealthy” owners of vacation days to be made.

Yes, of course, I have an advantage in describing these precious collaborators, my grandfather was a blacksmith and so was my uncle who left us in 2020. I'm used to the scent of iron, I always breathed it every time I entered their Workshop; between lathes, cutters, vices, work tables ... and I continue to breathe it now, and it is no coincidence that I came to the Sidac workshop, surrounded by all the tools hanging from the shelves and the inevitable calendars of beautiful naked girls who cannot miss in a self-respecting workshop.

The new economy has changed a lot, but the scent of iron remains in all industrial production realities, like ours, and I don't hide from you that when I see our Mechanics working in the factory, I feel more serene; it is like when I walk on the street, perhaps in the city center, and I see police patrol passing by, as if to guarantee me, in life as well as in the Company, that the activities are all under control and that if something should happen they would think about it and return everything to Normal.

Now the machines are "oiled", the production lines are controlled and efficient, the factory is ready to restart and our workers, after the right rest, are at the starting line to kick off 2021; and among them, omnipresent, there will also be our Maintenance Technicians who, although they have not had any vacation days, will also be ready from the first productive day.

Happy working 2021 for all of us !!!

Dott. Luca Mazzotti, Direttore Generale