Newspaper articles testify it, "tam tam" among cyclists often talks about it, you wear the same uniform for a solo ride and someone stops you to ask if you are part of his team, open the social pages and find his new activities almost every day ...

I'm talking about Andrea Brunelli who, this summer on his bike, has "asphalted", a cycling term that makes the idea wevy well, the hills of Emilia Romagna obtaining, and these are only the 2 most important moments, 2 everesting one of which in Predappio, his native town wher he still lives today, and one itinerant.

We could write pages and pages about why or what pushes a thirty year old boy to get on his bike and reach such high performance but I don't want to talk about this or rather, I want to give space to Andrea Brunelli as Employee of SIDAC and of how he behaved in the company during his glorious summer.

Andrea is a machinist, one of our best; his attendance sheet relating to this period of great physical effort speaks for itself: no absence, no request for shift change, no facilitation!!!

What does this mean???
A lot to me: Andrea has cultivated his passion without forgetting that it was and is a game.
A beautiful game, highly satisfying, challenging but always a game and to practice it, even at such high levels, he never disrespected his Work which has remained a cornerstone in his daily organization.

Andrea not only "enchanted" us with his performances, a proof of this the newspaper articles which rightly dedicated space to him, but, even more important to me, he once again showed us the respect that everyone must have of its Work and its Company.

Andrea, as already said, is one of our best machinists and was assigned to the "guide" of the BOBST 10-color Rotogravure, latest arrived in SIDAC. Obviously Andrea, passionate about engines and Ferrari in particular, pushes the throttle every time he “drives” her: running fast is easy for him.

Luckily, we are raising several guys just like Andrea in the Company; Young people who already have a sense of duty in them and who easily learn the meaning of pride for belonging.

Non è stato fornito nessun testo alternativo per questa immagine

Now the question is a must: what should we do to make a boy like Andrea even better ???

We must teach them to "work in quality", to create cohesion with their work team and their colleagues, to fully understand the characteristics of their profession and know how to manage them.
This is what we need to do!
Running fast, even at work, is not something we have to teach him... Andrea already has this talent in his DNA.

Dott. Luca Mazzotti - Direttore Generale.