Double AA Certification

Certifications as a continuous improvement

For the third consecutive year Sidac S.p.A. confirms the double A in one of the most demanding hygienic certifications of the sector, the BRC for Packaging Materials.

the BRC-Iop standard was born in response to the need of having a specific indication to realize a system for the management of food safety, starting initially from the Anglo-Saxon world (BRC - British Retail Consortium) and then spreading globally, packaging no longer plays only the role of protection and conservation but is itself an integral part of the food and for this purpose it must have the same hygienic manufacturing precautions as the food product.

Sidac is an integral part of the food chain, guaranteeing its healthiness and, consequently, the health of consumers.

The obtaining this important recognition is the result of years of teamwork, economic and training investments that led to substantial changes and greater awareness in the mentality of all employees who have learned to feel no longer like a cog in an engineering company but an ingredient of a food!!!

As support and integration of BRC standard, Sidac has also adopted for over 20 years the ISO 9001 standard in all its declinations up to the 2015 version, which focus is strongly shifted to the assessment and management of risks related not only to the product but to all the corporate: the Management therefore constantly evaluates performances using specific indicators.

We will be happy to show you, as soon as possible, the objectives achieved and to welcome any ideas for improvement to grow together!

Andrea Lega
Plant Manager