Packaging division

Our products are developed according to the rotogravure technique or to the flexographic printing. The choice is always arranged between our technicians and our customers according to the adaptability of the design and the materials. Also the relationship between the effective costs and the final result is taken into account. The flexographic printing allows anyway to achieve good results both aesthetic and functional with a lower cost than rotogravure.
The lamination department is equipped with state-of-the-art solvent and solventless machines, which allow to combine materials, also the most peculiar, without compromising the final result.
Among the SIDAC products we have packaging for coffee, confectionery, pasta, sweets, chocolates and fresh products such as cheeses and cold cuts; our staff of technicians works 24 hours out of 24 to find personalised solutions that suit the product by combining elegance, convenience and functionality.
The introduction in the market of cleaning products and cosmetics was then a consequence thanks to our competence and to our continuous research; in the same way the Pet food field is a challenge that Sidac has taken on in the last two years with success and excellent results. Sidac continues to be awarded and keeps on  improving also in the most difficult international markets.

Packaging data sheet