Against coronavirus - STRONGER ALL TOGETHER

A dutiful thanks to the professionalism and commitment of all employees.

Property and Management of SIDAC S.p.A, informed RSU and the trade unions' territorial sector, decided to grant a salary increase of € 250.00 per month for the period March - June 2020 to ALL EMPLOYEES, as an award for being at the forefront of fighting coronavirus ensuring the continuity of the food chain that is fundamental in this period of strong tension.
The decision was swift and almost taken for granted in front of the strong availability and prompt response shown by ALL the workers whom, with professionalism, continuity and commitment, are ensuring normal production.
The company has also activated an insurance policy to cover all employees from the risk of hospitalization caused by COVID-19 infection: with the hope that none of our collaborators should resort to it also given the prompt adoption in the Company of all the precautions available today.