Against Coronavirus also in 2021

In the hope that the current health emergency will be soon over, Sidac continues to assist and protect its employees.

Also for the whole 2021, Sidac Management renewed the insurance coverage for its employees who might need medical treatment due to COVID 19.

An opportunity only reserved for companies that had already activated insurance coverage during 2020 and which, also for 2021, will see the premium paid entirely by Sidac while any liquidation will take place directly and totally in favor of the employee.

The insurance coverage provides an indemnity for employees who, due to Covid 19 infection, will be forced to be hospitalized and to a greater extent in case of hospitalization in intensive care.

The insurance also includes a post-hospitalization care package that provides a series of services (eg. Babysitting / shopping delivery / accompanying children to school) that greatly facilitate family management and physical recovery.

This initiative, as already mentioned active yet in 2020, shows, if ever it were needed, how much Sidac Management is aware of the efforts made by all the employees in this period so chaotic and difficult especially from a personal and human point of view.

A part from this initiative and the implementation of all the procedures necessary to contain the risk of contagion in the company, Sidac distinguished itself last spring, in full "first wave", recognizing from March to June an extraordinary bonus to all employees who, carrying out their duties, weren't able to take advantage of the smart working method.

In the hope that the current health emergency could be soon resolved, Sidac will always continue, as done so far, to assist and protect its personnel.